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When the mission is hiring top talent, look to Sawyer TMS executive search for answers.

When you choose Sawyer TMS to search for your next senior leadership position, your organization will benefit from our intense focus and our time proven, highly  specialized methods to identify and deliver the best executive talent.

We know when it comes to competing around the globe, business acumen, cultural awareness, and superior technical skills are critical to success. Coupled with the right executive management experience, presenting candidates with these skills makes all the difference to the success of our client’s projects. 

The people who know us say the differentiating power of our search ability is underlined by our creativity, our tenacity, our experience, and the results we get for our clients.

That’s why our clients say when it needs to get done they call Sawyer TMS.


Differentiating Sawyer TMS

We target the senior executive positions unable to be filled internally. The top 15-20% of the org chart.

Sawyer TMS engages talent through original research methods including talent mapping and business intelligence.

We provide a highly confidential service. Our clients want their open positions kept confidential. Upper tier executive candidates expect confidentiality and work with us based on a professional trust relationship.


Our candidate outreach is through personal contact

Professional relationships are developed with executive candidates through live assessment of skills and personal contact.

Don’t count on the internet. Only 8% of the global working population is accounted for in social networks. Highest growth rate of new accounts on Linked In are entry to mid level workers. Less than 20% of LI users make $150,000/yr + and more than half reside in the US. Our research methods and candidate outreach are the hallmark of our service. If your internal team is saying “let’s just run an ad” … call Sawyer TMS  right away. 


Our priorities as your strategic search partner

As professional consultants, we offer our clients engagements options that can be tailored to your individual needs. 

In whatever form you engage Sawyer TMS, our goal is to bring the best executive talent to our clients.

We build trust through our efforts which helps us establish an on-going working relationship. Our organizations and our talent grow as a result.

We remain flexible in providing our services to our clients, we can turn on a dime when needs and talent market conditions change. It is a huge advantage for our clients.


Sawyer TMS works with clients on the roles not filled internally.

All Sales, Marketing, Product Management position titles Director through C Suite. Total compensation exceeding $100,000. Any location.

Our clients expect an independent, highly confidential service, and expect Sawyer TMS to perform detailed talent market analysis focused on attracting high performers globally.

Due to the sensitive nature of the engagements we handle, we do not usually rely advertising and database searches. Our search activity is focused on live assessed business intelligence and our original research and candidate outreach.

Privacy and confidentiality is always a key interest and priority for our clients.

Sawyer TMS takes care to establish one to one relationships with a personal touch.

We work to build open lines of communication and establish mutual trust.


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